Government Shutdown

The Obamacare also known as the health Care Reform is the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act that President Barack Obama signed into law in March of 2010. This was put into law to help the less fortunate and middle class be able to afford health care insurance. I believe Obamacare should be put into affect because offers benefits that include things such as annual check ups, maternity care, mental health,etc. Obamacare also puts a stop to insurance companies dropping people from their claim when they are down in health. Obamacare is a great thing put into law by President Obama but it has caused a tremendous amount of controversy in the American Government. This caused the United States of America government to shut down for the first time since the year 1996. The fact that the government shut down and caused over 800,000 people to lose their job and go without pay is absolutely absurd. The government also ruled that the thousands of people who lost their pay would not gain the pay back after the problem is resolved. It is sad that we as American citizens can not get along and cause the government to shut down because of a health care reform that will be used to help the less fortunate of our country.


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